How to check website traffic free online using Google Analytics

Check Website Traffic Google Analytics

Just wondering how to check your website traffic online ? Well you don’t need to worry in that case as there are a lot of online useful tools are available to provide you the easy to use platforms to track your website traffic free online. Through these tools you can easily check various reports like how much traffic your website is generating, whats the traffic sources, whats the best keyword which generated most of your website traffic etc in a very easy manner. Using these traffic reporting tools, you can easily build your strategies to promote your website using the best resources you are having. Like if your website generating good traffic through SEO Services then you can focus more on promoting your website in search engines or if your website generating some quality business through advertisement then you can focus to spend more money on that area to generate some quality leads for your business. So eventually these kind of tools are going to help you a lot in promotion of your website on a right track.

Though as confirmed earlier their are thousand of free online tools are available to check the traffic of your website and you can use any of them to check regular traffic of your website. But as per our experience and the feedback which we are having for all free online tools to check traffic of any website, we would suggest you to use Google Analytics for checking your website traffic free online. Google analytics is one of the great product of Google which providing the platform for website owners to check and track their website traffic having various reporting system to know how, when & where your website has generated the all traffic. The reliability of Google analytics is much higher than any other website traffic checking tools available in the market and more than 80% internet users uses Google analytics tool to analyze and track the traffic of their websites.

Now you would be wondering how to use Google Analytics to check traffic of your website?

Well its really very easy to use Google analytics to check traffic of any website. For using Google analytics you must need to register yourself at Google analytics. For registering you can simply either use your GMail ID or you can register a new GMail ID to use Google analytics for your website. As soon as you will be finishing with registering at Google analytics for checking your website traffic, the next you need to do is just Add your website as one of the multiple websites which you can manage through one Google analytics account. Simply you can use a single analytics account to manage more than one website, so just keep adding new websites in Google analytics to manage traffic of all those websites.

After adding a new website to check traffic of website in Google analytics, the system will provide a code for you to add in your website pages. You can add that code in header or footer on one page of your website or in all pages of your website. For which pages you will add the code in your website, you would be able to check traffic of all those pages free online. If you are unable to add Google analytics code in your website than you can contact your website designing company to do that for you.

As soon as the code will be added in to your website, you would be able to check your website traffic free online using Google analytics easily. Usually analytics starts showing the website traffic stats in less than 24 hours after adding the Google analytics code in website. Still if you are not able to see stats of traffic, than don’t you need to worry about that as Google analytics will start showing the traffic stats for your website very soon.

We hope these tips for checking website traffic free online will help you and if you still face any problem than you can simply contact us and we will really love to help you in setting up your free Google analytics account.