Effect of latest Google Penguin Update 2.1(#5) on your website SEO

Google Penguin update 2.1

As we all knew that Google has rolled out the next penguin series update with Google penguin update 2.1 (#5) on 4th October 2013 and this update is going to affect 1% of search queries in Google search results according to Google head of web spam Matt Cutts. As penguin has been written to narrow down the websites which could be participating in link schemes or using unethical and unnatural link schemes to promote their website in Google search results. We have seen the effect of Google penguin update in past as well and there are thousands of webmasters who lost their all SEO work and rankings in Google search result very badly.

Now Google again come up with a new updated version of Penguin and has been rolled out already, so you all must be wondering how much this Google penguin update 2.1 is going to effect your website SEO?

Well as usual the websites caught in this run of update could be penalized already, which we have seen and observed in last couple of Google penguin updates as well. According to Matt Cutts the affect could be around 1% of search queries and believe me the 1% is really a big number. So we can’t assume that this update could be small and will hurt a small number of websites. Instead there would be hundreds of thousand website which could be demoted with this Google penguin update.

To check the effect of recent Google penguin update, you can just check out your Google analytics account and if you see a sudden drop in traffic on or around 4th of October than you can assume that you have been caught by Google penguin and can lead to a potential Google penalty as well. Google could have send alerts for some of webmasters for unnatural ranking while running this update and if you received such eMails than its sign of warning and you need to take actions immediately to recover your website from effect of Google penguin update 2.1.

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