Does Google Search Engine Results are same for Big, Medium & Small brands / companies website?

Google Search Ranking

Small to medium sized web design companies or companies in other domains excluding website designing industry. Everyone thinks and assume the way Google shows the search engine results. Its always looks like that Google provide more priority to Big brands and companies over small or medium size web companies. Webmasters always have a question that why a company getting the good search engine results on top of a website designing company website, which is having a great website which is properly optimized for search engines.

Though it should not happen and each web design company must get online search engine rankings on the bases of how much popular the website is and how much effectively website optimized for search engines as compare to big companies having a very ugly website and not optimized for SEO as well using Google webmaster guidelines.

Google always says that the Google search algorithms works on the bases of effectiveness of a website and optimization which has been done on website to popularize that. Google algorithms just use quality guidelines to provide rankings for website like how much effective website is, quality of content, popularity of website on web and various other factors which algorithm use to rank the website. But truth is this that webmasters always say that Google do partiality in this and provide more priority to the website which relates to big companies and it does not matter how much worthy those websites are for web users or how much strong presence website have on web world.

In an answer to a question “How can a legitimate business compete online? “, see what Matt Cutts say in a video:

According to Matt Cutts the Google algorithms works on the bases of what they found on web and if a website have strong presence on web and does not have that much offline business. Than they will still gets more priority on top of big companies having less online presence. So webmaster you don’t need to worry whether your company is small or large, just focus on optimizing your website using proper Google guidelines and you would have more priority on top of big companies having less online web presence.