Is Google Shutting Down the Google Page Rank Update in 2013 like other Google Products & Services?

Google Page Rank Update 2013

The webmasters and web world community is eagerly waiting for next Google page rank update in 2013 but is it really going to happen anymore?

This is the question which keep wondering the entire SEO and web community as of today, because usually Google kept updating pagerank in almost each 3 months time frame and now its almost 6 months since Google has not released or updated the Google toolbar page rank. The last pr update took place on 5 February 2013 and after that pagerank update is just on hold and everyone wondering why Google is not releasing the next update as per schedule which they were following till now. After going through each and everything, here are few things which we observed regarding why Google is not updating the next page rank in 2013?

1. Most probably Google is going to Shutting Down the Google Page Rank Update in 2013?

The very first and important thing we need to know that is Google really going to update page rank in near future or Google going to shut down the Google page rank permanently like few of other services Google shut down recently( Google Reader etc..). Well we can’t neglect this possibility as Google recently just killed many services/products offered by Google and may be the Google page rank is the next one of that series due to misuse of Google page rank by webmasters in promotion of websites unethically to trick the search engines.

2. Page rank update is on hold due to other major algorithm updates going on in 2013?

As entire SEO community knew that Google has rolled out many major Google algorithm updates in 2013 and this can be also a reason for which Google page rank update is still on hold mode or can say in queue. In 2013 Google has rolled out two major updates with Google Panda and Google Penguin with smaller algorithm updates going on almost daily bases. May be Google just want these algorithms finish up with proper stability in search engines before releasing the next Google toolbar page rank.

3. To control Web Spam in 2013 by giving less importance to page rank in ranking factor?

As Google Matt Cutts confirmed it many times that web spammers using the page rank to trick the search engine rankings and Google is going to be very strict regarding these kind of web spammers to not misuse the pagerank to trick search engines. Though Matt said that they are going to give less weightage to page rank in search engine rankings, but still webmaster knew that Google page rank is still a major factor in Google search engine ranking, is not it?

Yeah for sure according to webmasters still its a major factor in search engine ranking and they are just almost checking daily about pr update because that’s going to affect their search engine rankings 🙂

So above are few observations regarding why Google is not rolling out the next Google page rank update and why the page rank update is still in waiting mode.

Schedule or prediction for next Google page rank update in 2013?

Well still there will be some webmasters who would be thinking that might be I can share schedule or prediction for next Google page rank update in 2013. For those guys now really there is no schedule or prediction for next Google page rank update and its going to be rolled out whenever Google team will think that its required to boost the search engine rankings 🙂

Let us know if you may have any other observation regarding why is not releasing the pr update via comment section.