Great Tips for How to get & find new SEO clients & Projects Online

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Starting a new SEO company in Delhi to provide SEO services to your clients but wondering how to get & find SEO clients & projects online? Well in that case you don’t need to worry as there are plenty of ways through which searching & finding of new SEO clients or projects is not tough though and by doing some great efforts you can easily get good SEO clients by almost sitting at your home or office. To help you to find new SEO clients for your company to start with, here we are sharing few great tips for how to get & find new SEO clients and projects online.

1. Bidding on Freelance Websites

The very first step to get new SEO clients online is that you must start creating your profiles on top and famous freelancing websites like, & These websites do provide a great platform for new startup companies or individuals to search and find new SEO clients online. Just create an eye catching profile by mentioning your skills and start bidding on SEO projects on these websites to get some good SEO projects for you. Here one thing you must need to know that failures are part of life & business both, so if you do not get any response from clients after submitting 100 bids than don’t worry. As you would not have any reviews on these websites and getting projects without having some positive reviews is very tough. So don’t worry and this failure ratio will start decreasing as soon as you will get few good projects online and will deliver all of them successfully.

2. Google Adword / PPC

The other popular way to get online SEO clients is to build an ad campaign using Google adword system. Google adword do provide a great platform for new advertisers to sell their products and services online through Google adword system. ROI on Google adword is really great and you must considering using adword system to get some great SEO projects online.

3. Build your own presence in Search engines

While you are going to offers SEO services to others here you must need to take care that you also must have strong presence in search engines for your own website as well. So if you have not optimized your website yet than first optimize your website as this is the thing which is going to put positive and negative impact on end clients. If you are not having your website in top results of search engines than how you can guarantee others to use your services to get their website in top results. So this is essential to optimize your website properly, which will help you a lot in getting new SEO clients as well.

These are the 3 killer tips which will really help you a lot to get & find new SEO clients online. We hope that these tips will help your new SEO startup company to get some great SEO projects online. If you have any other tips to share with our users than don’t forget to mention them in comment area.