How much local web designer cost & web designers salary in Delhi NCR India

Web Designers Cost Salary Delhi NCR India

Demand of high quality web designers in Delhi NCR at peak & each web designing company looking to hire some creative, quality & cost effective web designers. Which should not cost them a lot and can easily handle their clients and web designing business. Hiring a local web designer is tough task though because the salary expectations and experience of web designers do not match normally. There are thousand of web designing jobs opening in Delhi NCR on daily bases and Web designers want to join a company which can give them on or about 20% minimum hike with each switch they make from one web designing company to other web designing company. It does not matter for them that they are leaving companies very frequently in just 3-6 months for just gaining a jumpĀ  At other hand web designing companies want to hire quality web designers on the bases of experience and expertise they are having under their belt and some how these things do not match between web designing company and a web designer looking to change the job by making his/her mind set that he/she is going to have a big increment while joining the new company. A simple question which always keep rolling in both web designers and web designing companies what should be base salary of a web designer?

How much Local Web Designers Cost & How much web designers salary in Delhi NCR?

Web designing companies have always in that mind how much a local web designer going to cost them, same thing keep moving in web designers that how much salary they can get while joining any new company. There is no fix slabs through which companies and designers can identified the base salary. Still here we are sharing a rough salary estimation of local web designers in Delhi NCR India

Fresher – 1 Year Experience : Up to Rs. 10,000/-

1 Year – 2 Year Experience : Between Rs. 10,000 – Rs. 14,000

2 Year – 3 Year Experience : Between Rs. 14,000 – Rs. 20,000

3 Year – 4 Year Experience : Between Rs. 20,000 – Rs. 25,000

4 Year – 5 Year Experience : Between Rs. 25,000 – Rs. 35,000

5 Years and More : Only can be discussed on table between HR and Web Designer.

This is normal salary slab trend which is going on in the market for local web designers. Web designing companies and web designers can use these slabs to determine the salary and make the hiring and joining accordingly.