Last Manual Google Panda Update #25 Rolled Out on 15 March 2013

Google Panda Update 15 March 2013

We all knew that Google panda update rolled out almost in each month to filter out the Google search result by Google web spam team. With each update all best seo company in delhi ncr just start wondering how Google panda is going to affect their company website and their all SEO clients website. The main objective of Google panda is just to penalize the low quality and thin content websites and to give priority to higher quality content websites in Google search results. As per threads on various forums and blogs, Google has rolled out the last manual Google panda update #25 on 15 March 2013. Though Google has not made any official statement for this recent algorithm update but as per fluctuations in keyword ranking from 15 March 2013 showing that most probably a Google panda update has been rolled out.

We wrote this post title as last manual Google panda update has been rolled out and you would be wondering what does this mean by last manual Google panda update? Well guys as per news, Matt Cutts has confirmed that now onwards Google Panda will be also a part of regular algorithm update which rolling out regularly and as it will be running regularly with other algorithm updates, so it would be a rolling update instead of pushed update. May be you would not be aware but all Google panda updates till now were Manual pushed out updates scheduled by Google web spam team. As now onwards Google panda will be running regularly, so impact of this will be less as compare to what Google panda effect on English search queries we have seen till now. So most probably you are not going to know exactly when Google panda update took place.

Here one more thing you must to know that Google is not going to make any official statement for these Google panda updates now onwards. It will be working as an automatic algorithm update along with all other algorithm updates done by Google to index the database. Let us know if you have seen any sign of recent Google panda update on 15 March 2013 and Goodbye to last manual Google panda update.