One single page website Good or Bad for SEO as per Google Guidelines?

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There are many websites which are using one single page to showcase all important areas of their products and services on a single page website using Java Script, CSS and other latest coding standards for designing and developing a single page website. While designing a one page website, the very first question comes in mind that is one page website good for SEO as per Google guidelines?

Well its really an important factor for you to know how much effective your one page website going to be for SEO. Because the normal tendency for doing better SEO is that try to built inner pages to target more keywords on inner page as we can’t target all of keywords on home page only and if we keep this factor in mind than a one page website can be bad for SEO. and we must need to understand whether one single page website better for seo or not.

As a best web designing company we must need to know all these factors in mind, so we can suggest the best solution to our potential clients if they are looking to design and develop a single page website. While doing research on this topic we found a great video elaborating one page website effects on SEO. Check out below video of Matt Cutts Head of Web Spam in an answer of What does Google think of single-page websites?

Well after watching the video, answer seems to be clear that if your one page website have great structure and quality content than Google is going to provide you same priority like Google do provides for multiple page website. In normal terms if your one page website providing the great user experience with easy to navigate structure, ethical use of coding, quality content and proper placement of content on a single page website. Than Google is going to provide you same treatment like Google do for various sub pages website. Still their are other factors in SEO which could affect your one page website while doing SEO promotion and you must need to take care of them.

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