No More Phone Numbers Allowed in Google Pay Per Click PPC Adword

PPC Campaign Management

Dear SEM Experts,

Search Engine Marketing is really a great way to promote your business using various paid services like Google Adword for Pay Per Click services, the widely used PPC platform by advertisers. Search engine marketing companies are those which commit to produce better ROI by optimizing your Google Adword account and really thats work great as well because PPC companies in Delhi NCR just follow few great tricks to increase more clicks in pre defined budget for PPC campaign. One of those tricks was using Phone and mobile numbers in Ads, so the net surfers can easily see the phone number of advertiser and can make a direct call instead of clicking the Ad, which benefit advertisers a lot.

The SEM experts in Delhi NCR, who confirms to increase the ROI by using these techniques is going to face a big problem as Google has closed one door for them by updating their Google adword policy for advertisers. As per new policy to run a PPC campaign and if you want to use phone numbers along with your Ad then you must have to use Google call extension feature provided in Google Adword management system and you can’t put direct phone numbers in your PPC Ads at all.

For sure by using call extension feature you must have to pay for each call made by the customers by following your Ad. Which really going to increase your budget a lot and if you will try to mislead by adding phone and mobile numbers in your ad by any other way then Google is not going to approve your Ad or can suspend your account as well.

So beware of this before using phone numbers in your ad in Google Adword and start to create new search engine marketing strategies by hiring a best SEM consultant. If you are looking for top & best search engine marketing companies then you can go with Web Media Makers one of the leading Search Engine Marketing companies in Delhi NCR.

Good luck for your new PPC campaigns 🙂