How much does SEO cost per month for promotion of a new website

How Much SEO Cost Monthly

After designing and developing a brand new website for business, each business owner start searching for internet marking companies which can do proper search engine optimization of their website. Reason behind that is very simple, as having a great website does not matter until you do not have a strong presence on World Wide Web to generate some good traffic and business through search engines. So the hunt for searching the best SEO Company is good thing to do, as with help of SEO services your newly built website can gain some great ranking in search results.

While searching for the search engine optimization companies, the very first question comes in their mind is that how much does SEO cost per month for promotion of a new website? Because every person in this world first want to know the budget of any product or services before purchasing that. So figuring out how much it will cost for a website to be promoted is a really good home work to do before selecting any seo company and cost of SEO per month will also let you know whether your pocket allows this much of amount on promotion of website or not.

So here we are sharing the details of normal SEO cost per month in Delhi NCR, India and its almost same for other countries as well. SEO companies do offer various type of plans and offers by getting together them in form of cost effective seo packages. So we are sharing the normal 3 type of costing variations for SEO projects and these options will let you know how much SEO will cost to you.

Number of Keywords Cost Per Month Duration In Months
10 Keywords $250 USD 6 Months
20 Keywords $450 USD 9 Months
40 Keywords $650 USD 12 Months

Basically companies do follow few terms to provide a cost per month price for doing SEO of any new website, which includes the number of keywords, keyword competition, status of website, traffic of website, page rank of website etc…

So these are various factors on which bases cost of SEO defined by SEO companies and mostly you would find the above range of SEO packages offered by companies. You can choose the best package according to your requirements.

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