What happened to Google search engine keyword ranking stability? Fluctuations all Around :(

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Stability of keyword rankings in Google search results? Really not any more… Even neither we can say its Google dance nor keyword shuffling in Google Search Results… Its purely non stability of Google search results, which is going to panic you with each search you made on Google. May be you would be thinking that it could be fluctuations in keyword ranking in Google search results. No that’s also not the case, because fluctuations suppose to be stable at any point of time. But the way Google search result behaving from last couple of months, there is no stability observed by SEO Experts. Each search come with some new search results with combination of new websites and previous websites.

According to our observation from 17 January 2013 when an unofficial Google panda update has been rolled out, Google search result stability is gone and nothing is stable at all in Google search results after that. Exactly what happened in Google search results after that update and why Google lost websites ranking stability after that, no one knows at all. Bloggers keep predicting that these fluctuations and non stability is due to this or that, but no one knows the exact answer except Google why Google search results become this much unstable.

One more interesting fact is that Google has announced that Google is not going to make any official statement for Google’s most popular panda update now onwards. As Google panda update has been included in Google’s regular algorithm list which keep running all the time to filter out the search result. Is this the reason which made Google search results non stable? Is Google Panda algorithm inclusion in regular Google update and indexing system behind these fluctuations which keep running all the time? According to us this is the reason for these fluctuations in keyword ranking because earlier Google panda could be taking place in one month and now its taking place almost each day and may be more than once a day. For sure if Google panda update going by this way on regular bases to filter out the results than for sure this is the only reason which making Google search results totally unstable.

We hope and expect that Google will work out on this very soon to make the search results little bit more better & stable. Rest who knows this non stability in keyword ranking is just to promote Google Adword system, so web design and internet marketing companies can start just focusing to provide search engine marketing services instead of search engine optimization services 🙂