What is Google pagerank effect on seo these days?

Google Page Rank Update 2013

Dear Web Media Makers Official Blog Readers,

This is my first post on Web Media Makers official blog. In first post as a contributor i would like to highlight the impact and effect of pagerank on seo these days?

Well every person who is working as an Internet Marketing Expert or for a SEO Company the question of Page rank was always uncleared. The right question no body knows exactly how much effect page rank of any website put on its ranking and seo position. Till 2012 everyone was aware that Google put priority to higher page rank websites in keyword ranking because a website having higher page rank was assumed as a high quality and trust worthy website. By keeping these factors in mind Google also used to put give some priority for high pagerank websites.

But today in 2013, if we talk about how much effective Google Page Rank is for SEO ranking, then as per official statements passed by Matt Cutts and my observations while doing promotion of any website. We have found that Google has just dropped the importance of Page rank in Ranking of keywords and now there is no effect of good page rank in SEO. Thus having good page rank does not guarantee that you would have higher search engine visibility.

If Google is not using Page Rank factor for search engine visibility at all then very first question comes in mind, whats the use of Page rank and whether we should use this as a factor for search engine optimization or not. Then the answer is very simple according to Matt Cutts head of Google SEO web spam team that Google is still using page rank just to let users know about quality of a website because still their are thousand of users who use page rank as a factor to identify how much trust worthy a website is, but it does not play any role in keyword ranking these days at all.

So answer is clear Google Page rank have no effect on SEO these days and Google do not count this a factor of prioritizing ranking of any website.

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